Saturday, September 5, 2009

Homemade Baby Food - Attempt #1

Here is how I made homemade baby food - Butternut Squash

1- Buy fresh butternut squash (I had to ask the guy at the vegetable stand which one was a butternut squash)
2- Cut in half and take out the seeds
3-Bake "meat" side down in a 400 degree oven for 45 minutes with an inch of water

4-Take meat out and place in blender with water, puree

5- Store in containers

6-Feed to baby

I was very proud of my first attempt and have to say the baby food tasted good. Cali is still on the fence about it though. I'll try it again in a few days.


  1. way to go sister! Callie is so cute with those big eyes!

  2. Hey - a friend of our bought some of those ice cube trays with the covers (you can get them at Walmart, Home Goods, etc) and she would put the pureed food in each ice cube spot. I think that each one is 1 oz or something, but it is supposed to be the "perfect portion" and it keeps the food good for longer. :) Just a tip, although you probably already heard! Hope all is well!