Friday, December 21, 2012

Red Table

After the kids finish their afternoon naps it is snack time.  The twins have made some progression from floor picnics to red table snack time.  It is so cute to see them be big boys and girls at the table.  We also have play time the at red table.
Picnic snack time

Table snack time

Play time at the table

As a side note the red table is what I call a "Legacy Toy".  Meaning it was a toy that my sister and I had when were where young.   My dad brought it to our house for Cali to play with shortly before he passed.

Cali eats all of her meals on it, uses it for craft time and play dough time.   When we had the twins mom bought us two more chairs so all the kids could sit together.

It will be so fun to have all three kids sitting together eating on it one day!  We tried lunch today at the table but Henry is too busy to eat a meal not strapped in!

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