Monday, December 3, 2012

It's December

And I can't believe it!  For a number of reasons it does not seem like December and that Christmas is in 22 days!  First today it is 73 degrees outside but mostly this year has been a blur.  If I didn't have this blog to look back on I would forget everything we have done.  So in an attempt to remember fun things down the road here is what we have been up to.

Saturday was Cali's first friend from play school's birthday party.  Most all of the kids from her class were there and it was just adorable to see them all playing together.  Many of them have been together for three years!  They spent most of the time running around outside playing.  Cali had a blast!
Cali with her BFF Morgan

Sack race - check out Cali's face!

7 kids eating smores on 1 bale of wheat straw

Sunday afternoon we meet up with Maw Maw for shoe shopping and dinner.  Trying to get the twins sized for shoes, trying on shoes, keeping Cali from trying on every shoe she could find, and then buying shoes was chaos.  But we did walk out with shoes for the twins!  They are still getting used to them and Henry has even figured out how to take them off in the car!   We had a fun dinner at Jason's Deli that included ice cream cones for the twins and ice cream for Cali and Maw Maw.  

Maw Maw teaching Cali how to lick up the drips



Since it was 73 degrees today I took the kids to a local park.  It was the first time the twins got to get down and "play" at this park.  The swings where the highlight!   
Twins sharing a swing

All 3 kids on the swings


Oh the fun with 3 kids!

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