Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Parades

Christmas means parade season!  My company participated in two parades this season.  Cali and Nick both joined us on the first one.  We all sat on the bed of the big truck and waved.  The second parade was an evening event so it was super cold.  Cali and I road in the cab of the truck and waved out the windows.   Nick was at the church office giving out hot cocoa for the parade.  When Cali saw Nick from the truck she got super excited.
This is what Cali does if you say "Praise the Lord"

Cali getting excited about the parade

After the first parade, Cali knew what to do.  She went from window to window of the truck waving and saying "Hi!"  
Cali and I in the cab of the truck getting ready to wave.

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