Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010 - Take 2

Our second Christmas was with my side of the family.  We went to my mom's house Christmas Eve and stayed till after lunch on Christmas day.

We started the festivities with lunch with Uncle David and Aunt Barbara.  This is my dad's "twin" brother who happens to be 11 years older than dad.  They are so similar so it was nice to have a part of dad there with us for Christmas.  After lunch the kids got to open presents from Dave and Barb.

 Cali loved her phone!
After attending a Christmas Eve service at mom's church we had a big dinner.  After dinner the kids put our Reindeer Food in the yard.  It was adorable!  All three kids loved throwing the oats and sprinkles in the yard.

Back inside the kids got their Christmas PJ's from Grandma.  It was adorable that they all matched.

Kimmie, Michael, and Cali

Christmas morning was so much fun with three kids!  There were toys, wrapping paper and tissue every where!  Cali did really well and enjoyed tearing the paper off gifts.  It was a slow process because she wanted to open and play with each toys as it was opened.  She was also fighting a cold, which was wearing her down.
Mommy and Cali waiting form everyone to wake up so we could open presents!

Grandma and Kimmie reading the note from Santa

The kids opening their stockings

More presents!
My sister's birthday is December 26th so we celebrated her birthday at lunch on Christmas day.  Mary's birthday used to always blend in with Christmas when we were kids.  We try to make it two separate celebrations but that doesn't always work.  But hopefully she still felt special with her presents and cake!  Happy Birthday Mary - we love you!

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