Saturday, September 18, 2010

An update on my dad

To this point I have kept this blog about our happy family adventures and about our sweet princess.  But since many of you also know my parents I wanted to post this email update my mom wrote about my dad's current health (see below).  

A short summary is that my dad was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2004.  He had surgery and did chemo.  In 2008 the cancer came back and they did more chemo.  He had a very big operation in early 2009 that took out most of his small and large intestines and some other organs.  Dad had a bad infection from the surgery and it has taken over a year to heal.  The cancer is growing and has attached to a number of organs.  He has been doing well and has had good energy until recently.

My father is a Christ follower who loves the Lord.  He is a glass "half full" kind of guy.  Even cancer can't get him down!

Grandpa and Cali watching cartoons together 2 weeks ago

Precious Friends and Family,

Ray and I want to thank you for your great faithfulness in your prayers for Ray.  After the July diagnosis, Ray was doing very well but showed increasing signs of tiredness.  We assumed it was due to the medications and ofter affects of the new chemo treatments. He also had a decrease in appetite and he was always cold.

This past weekend was my last weekend at our sweet church in Henderson due to Ray’s declining health. During that weekend, Ray starting to experience some acid reflux, vomiting and severe pain. On Monday, our local doctor ordered x-rays, but by Wednesday morning, we had not gotten authorization from our insurance company so I asked the doctor for authorization to go to the ER.  From Western Wake Hospital all day to a transport late at night to UNC Hospital in Chapel Hill Cancer Center until Thursday morning where Ray was showing some respirator difficulty we ended up in the MICU in the main hospital at UNC for a day and a half.  Ray returned to the Cancer Center yesterday and will stay here for several more days.

The status now is antibiotics to fight the pneumonia, oxygen to keep his oxygen level above 90% (low was 78%), no food by mouth to rest the bowel and evaluate on Monday how to proceed from here.  The attending physician for the weekend and our oncologist are considering a G tube to drain the gastric fluid out of Ray’s stomach.  This would be a permanent change and that would have Ray on liquids from now on along with the TPN and IV saline. This is a big change for Ray, but he is already thinking about all of the liquids he can enjoy and many of them start with the adjective, chocolate. 

Ray no longer has any pain, is breathing better and resting well. He is also the favorite patient on the floor.  I heard that MICU did not want to let him go.  I think this is true for all that know him.

Please continue to keep Ray and our family in your prayers as we face the days ahead.  God has blessed us with these extra special months with Ray and memories have been made.  It is my hope for at least one more Christmas as it is Ray’s favorite holiday.

God’s Richest Blessings on all of you!

We have a Facebook Group page for dad if you want to join.  

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