Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Staying strong

We are lucky to still have dad here hanging out with us.  His breathing has finally stabilized and he doesn't have to think about breathing anymore.  He is on 100% oxygen with a face mask and morphine.  The combination seems to be working wonderfully.  Part of "comfort care" means no IV fluids or TPN or vitals being taken or blood drawn.  So at this point he basically just gets oxygen and antibiotics.  He says he isn't in any pain and that we are "partying". 

Mom, Mary and I have all been here since Monday afternoon.  It has been really good family bonding time.  We have watched movies, laughed, and reminisced about family adventures.  Our wonderful husbands have been taking over full time kid care so we can be here with Mom and Dad.  They have brought the kids to visit each day. 

This whole process has been hard, wonderful, and a blessing.  Each day is a gift.  Dad has been sharing his faith with everyone.  It is clear that God is using dad even now.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support.  They really do make a difference.  It is so amazing to know we have friends all over the world who love us and who have been impacted by dad. 

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