Monday, September 20, 2010

Comfort Care - A Dad update

Dear ones,
We have been assured that the doctors have done all that can be done for Ray. There are no other procedures that can be done at this time that will cause Ray to regain his breathing health.  The girls are spending the night with us here in the hospital.  Ray consented to comfort care that will remove any further testing and treatments other than what is needed for his comfort.  The TPN will be discontinued after tonight so that it does not add any extra fluid to his lungs.

Ray is at peace with all of this and feels the love and joy from his family, friends and mostly his God.
We have been and are still so grateful for your prayers and continual concern for Ray and our family.  God has blessed us through this season of cancer by your prayers, words of comfort and reflections on how this season in our lives has affected yours.  God does make good out of evil and that is so true in this case.
Ray is not and will not be in any pain, but our prayer is that he will remain comfortable as long as he is with us.  He is currently enjoying some yummy chocolate ice cream and juice.  It is the first food he has had in a few days.  

We have all decided to have a service here in NC and burial at Arlington National Cemetery when the time comes.  We will advise you at a later time.

With love,
Ray, Kerry, Mary & Pam

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