Sunday, August 11, 2013

Update Stuff

I'm behind on sharing this news because we were gone last week on vacation.  So here is what is going on with us.

First, Nick has been having crazy back pain for 3 months.  The last week in July we finally get him in to see a good doctor and the next day he had surgery, July 31.  He is already experiencing a ton of improvement in his pain level.  This is so good to hear, however the recovery will be long and hard.  Luckily we have a wonderful community of people around us who are willing to help with the kids, which is a blessing.
Waiting for Nick to get out of surgery

Second, my running buddy and our second “child” is sick.  And I mean sick and isn’t going to get better sick.  So August 2nd I had to take him to the vet to say goodbye.  It's sad to have a dog-free house after 10.5 years but its bittersweet too.  It is one less being in our house that needs our attention and needs to be taken care of.  But Jack has been a part of our life for a LONG time.  It will take a while to get used to him being gone.

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