Thursday, August 15, 2013

21 Month Twin Update

Henry and Hannah are 21 months old and getting into everything!  They are now able to do so many things they couldn't do just a few weeks ago.  It is so fun to see them accomplish tasks they have been trying for so long.  Hannah's big accomplishment came yesterday when she was able to climb UP a slide!  Every time we go to a park she tries to climb up and yesterday she finally did it!  Henry has recently improved in his words.  He is starting to repeat everything he hears.


Food - They drink milk, water and juice from sippy cups.  They love pancakes, pasta, rice, chicken, cereal, crackers and cookies.  Hannah is still Gluten Free and has gained 2 lbs in 2 months so it seems to be working. 
Sleep - Depending on the day sometimes in 2 a day others only 1.  Hannah could do fine with 1 but Henry still needs 2.
Clothes - Hannah is in 12 month and 18 month.  Henry is in 18 month clothes.  Hannah is in size 5 shoe and Henry just moved up to size 6. 
Weight -  Hannah 22.15 lbs Henry 26.10 lbs  
Height - Hannah 31 inches Henry 33 inches  
Diapers - Size 3
Health - Both just had teeth come in so that was a little painful for us and them, but we all survived. 
Fun Facts - Hannah is our morning baby.  She wakes up happy 98% of the time and is ready to go.  Henry normally wakes up grumpy and is slow to get going.

Henry stuffing his mouth with pasta

Hannah showing off her climbing up the slide skills

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