Thursday, August 30, 2012

Just another Thursday

Here is a glimpse into our crazy life with three kiddos.  Our days are split with Nick home during some mornings with the kids and me home in the afternoons.  Basically if I'm at work Nick is at home with kids and vice versa.

Here are some pictures from today.

Morning Shift- Nick at home, Pam at work

Poor Henry is either sick or teething.  He has a runny nose, is sneezing and is needy.   He had lots of cuddle time with Daddy.

Nick raided the garage for more toys.  Hannah is on Geraldine (This was my sister's and my toy when we were kids), Henry on the car and Cali pushing the stroller. 

                                        Afternoon / Evening Shift- Nick at work, Pam at home

This afternoon the kids helped me with the laundry by having laundry basket races. 

After nap and dinner we headed out for ice cream and to the grocery store.

We ended the day with bath time and then off to bed.  To speed up the bath process I bathed two at a time.  Cali played in the tub while I rotated the twins through.  The twins LOVED sharing the bath with Cali.  While I washed Hannah, Henry crawled in and pulled up on the tub.  So all four of us enjoyed the experience!  Three kids is fun somedays!

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