Saturday, August 18, 2012

Family Fun

The kids and I have had a couple fun days!  Nick is on a camping trip with the youth group so we have been keeping ourselves busy.

Friday we went to my mom's house for the day.  This is us all loaded up ready to go.  We need all this stuff for ONE DAY outside the house.

The babies had fun playing with Nana and reading books.

We also got to spend time with Aunt Barbara.  Uncle David  (my dad's brother) was not feeling well from this week's chemo treatment.  Hopefully we will get to see him on our next visit.  She was such a trooper as Henry pulled her hair!

Saturday we spend the morning at home then my sister and her kids came to play in the afternoon.  Here are all FIVE kids enjoying dinner.

After dinner we took a walk to the park.

Fearless Cali!

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