Thursday, October 13, 2011

Big Girl

It seems like over night Cali is becoming such a BIG GIRL!  She is doing great with peeing in the potty.  Her imagination is broadening for play time.  She eats lots of different kinds of food.  She talks in paragraphs.  She can get in or on almost anything - she is our little monkey!  She goes to playschool 4 mornings a week and loves it!  She picks up on everything!

Here are some big girl pictures for you.
Ready for school with her big backpack! 
She is fearless!

Playing dress up

The BIG piece of news is that tonight Cali is sleeping in a Big Girl bed for the first time!  We are going to use her crib for the twins so Nick moved her crib out of her room and put together a toddler bed that our wonderful family gave us!

Getting in her big girl bed for the first time.  I love the pure joy on her face!  She is super excited!

Pretending to sleep.

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  1. She is her Mama's daughter! Such sweet memories for Nana.