Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nap time

As a parent you learn very early on that there is nothing more important than nap time.

You plan your day around it.  You arrive late to parties.  You leave parties early.  You eat in the car.  You drive around with no where to go because someone is asleep in the back seat.  You plan trips around it.  You avoid shopping during it.

Nap time is important for child and parent.  It simply gives everyone a much needed break.   It gives parents time to cook, do laundry, clean, or just sit and relax.

I have never had anything rule my life and schedule like nap time!  But as a mom I will do whatever it takes to make nap time happen!  And that is what it means to be a parent, to put your child's needs first.

Even if that means standing guard in the dessert with your spouse and creating shade for your sleeping child.

Of all the pictures Nick took in Africa this is the one that struck me the most.  Even elephants get it.   It's not about you.   And everything stops for nap time.


  1. That is awesome! I can totally relate! :) Thanks for sharing this great picture.

  2. I love it! Great pic and insight! Naps rock!