Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekend Recap

We had another fun filled weekend with family and friends.

Saturday we celebrated Leigha's 7th Birthday.  It was held at a family sports center in Nick's hometown.  Cali got to play putt-putt and bowl for the first time!  The kids had a great time playing and of course eating cake!

Uncle Andy showing Cali how to hit the ball

Daddy, Cali and Leigha playing putt-putt

All the birthday party kids.  See Cali's small head on the right side!

Cali bowling.  She pushed the ball and hit 6 pins!  The ramp and bumpers helped.

After the party we went over to Maw Maw's house to play and nap.

Then we headed back to town to celebrate Cindy Bailey!  After 26 years at our church as the Children's minister she is retiring.  If it were not for her there would be no Nick and Pam.  She and Eric introduced us, 11 months later we were married!  We will miss her so much.
CB and Cali

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