Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a busy 3 day weekend.  It included 3 birthday parties, 2 moon bounces, and 1 swimming pool.

Saturday morning we had a birthday party for one of the little boys in our small group.  He and his friends had a great time on the moon bounce and trampoline.  His little sister, Anna, and Cali mostly played inside away from the loud boys.

After lunch and a nap we were off to my sister's house for party #2.  Kimmie turned 7!  The cousins had a great time playing and chasing each other around the house.

Sunday evening while Nick was at youth Cali and I went to Landon's 4th birthday party!  The girls played in a toddler size moon bounce and after dinner stripped down to play in the sprinkler system.  The teenagers even joined in on the fun.

Monday we spent at Nick's moms house.  Cali had a great time playing with Maw Maw.  Cousin Leigha came over to play in Cali's frog pool.  The girls had fun pouring water on each other.

It was a busy weekend full of family and friends.  We are so lucky to have wonderful people in our life who invest in us!

And yes, I know it is Thursday but this is as soon as I could get to blogging about our busy weekend.

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