Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Juice, Horse and Pink Eye

It seems like Cali is trying or doing new things every day!  I guess since she is almost 2 she is ready to take on the world.

Up to this point in Cali's life she has been a strict milk and water drinker.  We tried juice early on but she was not having it.  They tried at school and she dumped it out.  They just give her water now!  While grocery shopping Nick and Cali found Sesame Street apple juice boxes.   They are a hit!  Our girl LOVES and I do mean LOVES Sesame Street so since Big Bird is on the box she was sold.

 We aren't sure when or how it started but Cali also loves horses.  It was one of the first animals she learned.  She loves to point them out if she sees one on TV, in a book or a toy horse.  She also does an adorable horse sound!  Last night we were all playing around after dinner and I put Cali on Nick's back. As he walked around on all fours she shouted, "Horse! Horse!"  What a smart girl!
A girl and her horse
 Playschool has been wonderful in many aspects for Cali.  She gets to play with other toddlers, learns socialization skills, learns songs, does crafts and it gives Nick time to work.  However, school is also a place for all the toddlers to share their germs.  Cali's newest issue is pink eye.  She has had it before so when she woke up with crunchies in her eyes Nick took her to the doctor.  The eye doesn't seem to be bothering her but she doesn't like the eye drops!  It was a wrestling match to get her to lay still for me to put them in tonight!

Here is evidence that Cali does eat vegetables!  She has broccoli in her mouth.  I made a bowl for me tonight and she ate most of it!

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  1. Girl, sounds like she's going to be asking you for a horse for her first pet, lol! Hope the pink eye gets better! xoxo