Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cali 2nd Birthday Party

Saturday was Cali's 2nd Birthday Party!  It was an Elmo themed party.  We had 25 family and friends join us to celebrate Cali.  It was a wonderful party!  Cali is so lucky to have so many people who love her and invest in her life!

The party invitation
The birthday girl was all over the place!  She loved having her cousins and friends there to play with.
Love her personalized Elmo dress!
We had different areas set up for the kids.  We had a play area with some of Cali's toys and a TV playing Elmo and we had a craft area with stickers, coloring books and crayons.  The kids had so much fun running around.  Having the different areas helped keep the kids engaged.

Time to color with Zander
We let the kids play for a while, then we had snacks, then more play time, present time, cupcake time and finally more play time!

Cali did great opening her presents.  She was throwing tissue paper everywhere to get to her goodies!  We are super excited to play with her new toys!

Cupcake Time!

The kids enjoying the cupcakes.

Thank you to everyone who helped make the day so special!  We love you very much!

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