Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Big 3-0!

Yesterday was my 30th birthday.  It was a wonderful and difficult day all in one.  I think I was emotionally charged up in the morning and let some things get to me that I can normally push through.   After lunch with Nick I was good again!  He is such a blessing in my life!
This sign was on the refrigerator when I woke up.  Can you tell that Cali helped?

Nick's mom came to play with Cali and Nick while I was at work.  They had a great time together.   We had planned on a big dinner outing with all four of us but after my rough morning we decided a quiet dinner with just Nick and I would be better.  So Nick's mom took first shift with Cali (dinner and play time) and our friend Angie took the second shift (bath and play time).   After an amazing dinner we got home in time to tuck Cali in.
Enjoying birthday lunch with Nick, Cali and Grandma.

Nick's four girls
For my birthday Nick got me a new camera!  We got a Canon Rebel XS!  I have been wanting a good camera for a while.  So often a point and shoot just isn't good enough to capture a fast moving toddler.   We are still trying to get it figured out.

Cali looking for squirrels.

Jack is camouflaged by the leaves.
Thirty seems old to me; adults are 30.  I do not feel like an adult most days so the fact that I'm 30 is perplexing.

Yesterday was also the first of many "firsts" without dad.   I didn't expect that to effect me as much as it did.  It was sad not to get a phone call from him.

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