Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mini Getaway

Nick and I were able to have a mini getaway Friday night.  Some friends had given us a gift certificate to a local resort that included one night stay, breakfast and spa treatments.  The past few weeks have been crazy with work and Nick being gone to camp, so when we saw an empty Friday and Saturday we took it.

Friday night we went out to a very nice dinner at Green Valley Grill then headed over to Grandover.  They have a really nice pool so we went swimming.

Saturday we slept in (no toddler waking us up at 7am!).  The resort had a yummy breakfast that we followed up with more pool time.  Then we had a couples massage.  

What about Cali you ask?  She has her first girls sleep over!  Her friend Chelsea came over to play!  They watched girl movies (Baby Einstein's), ate junk food (cookies), and stayed up late (8pm).

Saturday they went over to Chelsea's house to play with her little sister, Landon.

Everyone had fun!

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