Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Cali had a great 2nd Easter! The day was filled with baskets, bunnies, bubbles and family.

This morning she opened her Easter basket from the Easter Bunny (us). It was filled with books, plastic eggs and gold fish. Yeah for Target and their dollar section. Whole thing, including the basket, cost less than $6!
We then got all dressed up and went to church. Here is the Jordan family at church. For the first time ever we had 2 services and packed the house for both services! It was awesome!

Then Cali and I came home for a nap (Cali) and to cook (me). After a 2 hour nap we headed to lunch with Nick's family. Cali wasn't too interested in eating lunch so she played and showed off her walking skills. Her Great Aunt Pam had this fun toy that she pushed all over their back deck.
Cali got a second Easter basket that contained BUBBLES!! Honestly they confused her, she wasn't sure what they were. We'll try them again tomorrow and see what she thinks. This is her confused face.

Then Cali got to meet Billy the Bunny. He was a really cute and soft white bunny with grey ears. He was very relaxed and just sat in Cousin Jennifer's lap while Cali pulled a bunch of hair out. We have to work on her petting animal skills.

Cali then got a 3rd Easter basket with another book and a big pink stuffed bunny.

We are so blessed to have family who love Cali and what to help her experience life.

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