Saturday, April 24, 2010

Go Mom!! Go Grandpa!!

Dad and I ran a 5k race this morning. It was a really good race with over 300 runners. The last time we rain a race together I wasn't pregnant yet and his cancer hadn't come back. So its been a while!

I have only been training for the past 6 weeks, I started running when I was weaning Cali. Dad has been feeling really good lately but loses energy quickly so he didn't get to train too much.

We both had pretty low expectations for our times, but we both actually did really well! I now have a PR of 34 min 45 sec!! And dad rain/ walked it in under 48 minutes!

This is the sweet "Pace Bunny" who kept me going and helped me finish in under 35 minutes. She was the 12 minute mile pace runner. I just stuck with her the whole time and she distracted me when I was having a hard time. The last .5 mile was really hard for me so in between breaths I asked her to tell me about her kids. And before I knew it I saw the finish line.

This is dad about to finish the race. We were so proud of him! To think how far he has come in a year! Wow - God is good!

Nick and Cali did a great job of cheering us on! There were some people from church there so Nick and Cali hung out with them while we rain. Nick said Cali did great and even clapped for the runners.

We were tired but so happy to be done!

After the race there was a little festival with food, rides and vendors. Nick had to work so the rest of us walked around. Dad and I celebrated our successful run with funnel cake! We even shared some with Cali. She LOVED it and kept trying to grab the whole plate. Once we were all covered in powder sugar we headed home. Dad and Cali took naps to recover from the exciting morning.

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