Monday, January 18, 2010

still sick

Cali and I are still fighting this cold. Saturday night was rough. We were all up most of the night. Cali was couching, sneezing and had a fever of 101.5.

Sunday Cali and I stayed home from church and rested. Poor Cali would wake up every 30 minutes to cough so it wasn't good rest. The biggest help has been sitting in the bathroom with hot water running. The steam seems to really help.

Last night was better and Cali only got up twice. She hasn't wanted to eat any solid foods so I'm nursing her a lot. She is sneezing a lot and when she does gross stuff comes out her nose. She prefers to use my shirt instead of a tissue to wipe it off.

I stayed home from work today to rest and take care of Cali. My head feels like it weights 50 pounds and my nose will not stop running. I don't understand how I can be stopped up and have a runny nose at the same time!

Here is what we look like currently. I know I look beautiful.

By the way - Nick isn't neglecting us, he had church stuff all day yesterday and today.

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