Monday, August 17, 2009

Tummy Time

In the past 2 days Cali has really been into rolling over. She rolls when you change her and during play time. The problem begins when she gets on her tummy, once there she doesn't know what to do. She can move her legs to get her butt in the air but doesn't understand that she can use her arms to help in the process. So after a few seconds of struggling she starts to scream. We roll her back over only for her to roll back over to her tummy and scream again.

Well.. this struggle has now hit bed time! I got Cali down by 8pm tonight. Nick and I were being productive around the house when the monitor lights up at 8:43pm. Nick runs upstairs to find Cali face down on the crib screaming. Nick and Cali are currently watching Classical Baby and rocking. It is going to be a long night!

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