Monday, May 27, 2013

Our Long Weekend

Friday started our weekend fun with a doctor visit and fun with Nana.  Hannah was set to have her first laser treatment on her lip to help lighten the skin discoloration from her hemangioma.  My mom came and sat with the other 2 kids so I could be with Hannah.  Hannah was not happy that four of us were holding her down so a loud noise could happen but she took it like a champ.  The actual procedure took about a minute.  The area is red and bruised but this is expected.  It will take a few weeks for the area to calm down.  We hope one more treatment will do the trick.

After the appointment we all headed over to a children's museum to play.  It was pretty small which helped since it was 3 kids to 2 adults!  After some good play time we enjoyed some lunch and a walk with Nana.
Henry loved the ball area

The girls coloring 

Cali the Cow

Nana and Henry on a walk

 Back home the kids took a nap and then helped Nick fix the deck.  You can never have too many helpers when using power tools!

Saturday morning I ran in my first 10k race.  It was local and the route was pretty flat.  I even came in 2nd for my age group and got a prize!  Nick and the kids were waiting for me at the finish line!  I was very happy to see them and to stop running!  I was super happy with my pace and time.  Only five months till I run my half marathon!
Cali and me at the finish

Nick and I snuck out for a late dinner Saturday night while the kids were sleeping.  This is easier on babysitters!

Sunday was a work day for Nick at church.  The kids and I went to church in the morning, had lunch with Nick in his office then home for naps and playtime.

Monday was a full day of family fun!  We headed out early to do some shopping and grab some lunch. Then it was home for nap time.  Nick and Cali cleaned our pool so the kids could play.

Cali washing the pool

This was the first time the twins got to play in our pool.  Hannah was all about it and loved splashing.  Henry was a little hesitant and preferred to stand outside and dump water on himself with a cup.
Hannah loves water

Cali sliding in her galoshes 

After dinner we made S'mores which was closely followed by a bath.

This is how Henry asks for a bite of Mommy's S'more


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