Sunday, March 3, 2013

15 Month Twin Check Up

Last week the twins had their 15 Month Check Up.  It was my day to be home so I took them by myself.  Nick has had the pleasure the last 3 times so I was due.  The Dr. was wonderful and spent loads of time with us asking questions, listening and going over their growth.  Both babies are very healthy!  Hannah has even grown a 1.5lbs in the last month!  WOOHOO!  She is still in the 5% but its ok to be little :)  They each had to get some shots but they recovered well.

Here are their Stats:
Height 31" 50%
Weight 22lb 6 oz 25%
Head 48 cm 75%

Height 29.5" 25%
Weight 18lb 11oz 5%
Head 47.7cm 90%

For breakfast last Friday all 3 kids sat at the red table and ate breakfast!  Nick sent me this pic while I was at work.  They are all getting so big!

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