Friday, February 15, 2013

15 Month Twin Update

The twins were 15 months old yesterday!  Nick and I continue to be amazed at how quickly they are changing.  Every day they figure something else out and sometimes that means climbing on something or over something we thought was "twin proof".   They are full time walkers/ runners now and they are getting very good at it.  They love to climb on chairs, toys, sofas, and up the stairs.
Henry and Hannah 15 Months

Henry 15 Months

Hannah 15 Months

They really love each other but also drive one another crazy!  They love to steal toys from each other.  There are constant battles over toys or mommy/daddy's lap.  A toy is always more fun when someone else is playing with it!  The gender differences continue to show themselves as well.  Henry is a 100 mile an hour player and goes hard.  Hannah is a calm girl who has a plan when she plays.

Cali continues to do wonderful with the twins!  She loves to play with them and entertain them.   Thier favorite activity to play together is hide and seek.  Cali is a great hider but Henry always knows where to find her!  Its adorable!

Food - They drink whole milk and water from sippy cups.  They eat three meals a day and get two snacks.  Favorite foods include: chicken, green beans, broccoli, potatoes, ground beef, noodles, dried apples, crackers, pancakes and french toast sticks.  Henry will eat anything where Hannah is picky!  
Sleep - They nap at 10am and 3pm.  They go to bed at 7:30pm and wake up around 7:30am.  The naps are 45 minutes to 2 hours long.  Henry normally sleeps longer than Hannah.  
Clothes - Hannah is in 12 month.  Henry is in 12 month and 18 month size.
Weight -  Hannah 19 lbs Henry 25 lbs  
Height - Hannah ___ inches Henry __ inches  Not sure the numbers but Henry is taller than Hannah
Diapers - Pampers size 3
Health - Hannah's Hemangioma meds are going well.  The red spot is getting lighter.  Both babies are teething so they have some cranky days.
Fun Facts - Henry has seven teeth and Hannah has seven.  The twins understand a lot of what we say and are starting to react to the things we say!  If I ask the babies if they want their milk they both will go to the fridge.  Henry grunts and makes a lot of noises.  Hannah is a talker.  Both babies like to dance.

We've taken the kids to the park twice this week since it has been so nice.  It is a great way to get the kids tired and let them explore!  They love it!

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