Sunday, September 16, 2012

Twin's Dedication

Today we were honored and blessed to dedicate the twins at church.  The twins did great!  No tears!  Cali even went up with us and was awesome.  Our group took up 1.5 rows.  Love the support!

We were the last group to go and everyone did good while we waited.  For entertainment Cali was dancing and spinning around, Hannah was pulling off her and Nick's name tag and Henry was playing with my buttons.

When it was our turn Rev. Bob started with "And sometimes they come in pairs".  We have been at our church for eleven years and both of us have been on staff at one point or another.  Nick is currently full time and his boss also joined us up front.

We aren't sure why but Henry was enamored with Bob and starred at him the WHOLE time.  Everyone thought this was hilarious.  Bob even volunteered to babysit them!  Hannah wasn't as excited and was trying to climb out of Nick's arms.

It was a great ceremony as we dedicate our children to the Lord.

Afterward we all headed out to lunch and had a great time!  The children are so lucky to have so many people who love them.

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