Saturday, July 14, 2012

8 Month Twin Update

Henry and Hannah are eight months old today!  I say this every month but man it goes by fast!  It seems like the key to the first year with babies is survival.  Once you get past the year mark you can start to breath and relax some.

Due to scheduling and life being crazy the babies just went to their six month check up this week.  They got 2 shots and did great!

The Dr. suggested we start to introduce sippy cups.  Cali is showing Hannah how to do it.  Hannah liked it but Henry wasn't a fan.  We'll work on it.

Henry - 8 months
Hannah - 8 months

Hannah loves to stick out her tongue! 

Food - Four breast milk bottles a day.  Hannah takes 5-6 ozs, Henry 5-8 ozs.  They love solid food and are experimenting with finger foods.  They get three solid food meals a day.   They love green beans, pears, bananas, avocado, and carrots.  Hannah prefers fruit while Henry likes the veggies.
Sleep - They take a morning nap and an afternoon nap.  They are in the process of dropping the third nap.  Some days they make it with 2 naps some days they need 3. They go to sleep at 8pm and wake up at 6:30am.  
Clothes - Hannah is in 3-6 and 6-9 month.  Henry is in 6-9 month size.
Weight -  Hannah 15 lbs 4 oz Henry 17 lbs 11 oz
Height - Hannah 26 inches Henry 28 inches  
Diapers - Pampers size 3
Health - Hannah continues to improve on the meds for the Hemangioma.  Somedays you can't even see her red spot!  She also seems to have "food sensitivity" to strawberries.  So we will avoid those for a while.  She ate strawberry yogurt and her skin turned red on her face where the yogurt was.
Playing in Henry's crib
Fun Facts - Henry is a tummy sleeper.  If you lay him down on his back we will roll over to his tummy.  Hannah is very laid back.  She will sit and play by herself with little complaint.   She is also a big talker.  Henry is a mover and has started to creep/ crawl.  

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