Thursday, June 7, 2012

Playing Catch Up

Life with 3 kids 3 and under is keeping us beyond busy!  Between kids, work, family and church it seems like we are always going.  On top of that our laptop has been being dumb for the past month and I finally got it fixed last night.  So here are about four posts worth of pictures and information in one!  Enjoy!

Random Twin News:
Last Sunday June 3rd the twins when to the nursery at church for the first time!  They did great but I'm anticipating this week won't go as well since they will know what is up this week!  Yes, I know they are almost 7 months and that is a long time to wait to put them in the nursery.  Yes, my husband is a pastor there.  But I waited a year before I put Cali in the nursery.  So yes, I am THAT mom.  Moving on...

The twins have dropped their evening nap.  They take a long morning nap, a nap after lunch and a short afternoon nap.

Henry's first tooth finally broke through this week!  The poor boy has been drooling and teething for weeks.

Both babies are doing great at sitting up and are enjoying playing with their toys.


In May the kids and I joined "Aunt" Angie and Landon to pick strawberries!  The girls had a blast and the babies chilled in the stroller.  Cali has come a long way in her berry picking skills.

Cali playing with her cousins on there NEW bunk beds!

Kimmie is 8!  She had a super fun Mickey Mouse birthday party.  Here are the girls in their Minnie ears.

Henry hanging out with Uncle Tim.

The famous Cindy Bailey came down to visit and finally got to meet the twins.  She moved up north before they were born.  Hannah Bailey is named after this amazing, Godly woman.

It was 86 degrees last week so we broke out Cali's pool while the babies napped.  She and Daddy got very wet!

Landon turned 5 and had a pool birthday party.  Cali loves the water!  Abby and the rest of the Dickey's helped me chase Cali in the pool.

For Mother's day I asked for a night away.  Yes, I single night where I could do whatever I wanted and sleep uninterrupted!   There was a Gluten Free conference in Charlotte last Saturday so I left the house Friday afternoon and stayed downtown.  I went to Ikea, meet up with some blog friends for dinner, stayed in the awesome room below and hit the conference Saturday.  It was a perfect Mom Vacation!
 Here are some pictures from the conference.

So there is our life for the past few weeks!

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