Friday, March 30, 2012

Three, Three and Under

Life with three kids, three and under is beyond crazy!  The twins are four months old (19 weeks) and I still look at Nick and say "We have three kids!  How did that happen?"

Cali is a joy of a three year old.  She is brilliant, caring and so tender hearted.  She is a great big sister and is so helpful.

We were excited when we got pregnant a second time and found out four days later that it was twins!  Nick's initial reaction was excitement where I freaked out.  I'm a planner so I immediately started freaking out about all the stuff we would need, a van, another crib, tons of diapers....  Nick is more laid back and kept thinking it was a deal - two for one!

Fun Twin Stuff:
- When in public you are famous with twins.  Everyone will want to talk to you and share about twins they know.
- One twin can be screaming their head off with the other twin sleeping peacefully 12" away.
- If both twins are crying at the same time the only appropriate reaction is to laugh - you are out numbered.
- Get them on the same schedule as soon as possible no matter what.  Feeding, burping and changing diapers takes 45 minutes to an hour.  If one twin wakes up hungry we wake up the other one.
- The twins have built in friends.  They enjoy playing together and talking.
- We do things with the twins we never did with Cali.  With your first child you are so worried about everything.  Cali took naps in our arms for the first YEAR of her life.  The twins have been napping in the crib since day one.

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  1. so fun! I think the "just laugh" plan when things get out of control is a good one! otherwise i would lose my mind...which I am kind of close to doing and I only have two!!!!!

  2. EA - Just wait till #3 comes in August! Laughing is key to successful parenting. It's my secret weapon!
    Love you!

  3. I found you on Kelly's Blog Link-up. My favorite line, "One twin can be screaming their head off with the other twin sleeping peacefully 12 inches away." But you need to add that then you can come in and creak open the door and the sleeping baby will look at you like, "WHY DID YOU WAKE ME?!?" Or maybe that's just my twins. =)

  4. Very true Mrs. Howard! It is so funny how they can totally ignore each other but I walk in and they know it!