Monday, July 5, 2010

Tips for taking a baby to Disney

Here are a few tips that we learned from taking our 10 month old to Disney in January 2010.

  • Stroller: Take a good stroller with you. The baby will spend a lot of time in it. Make sure it has storage bins so you don't have to carry the diaper bag around. It is also helpful to carry all your souveniers too!
  • Baby Care Centers: All the 4 major parks have Baby Care Centers. Use them! They provide a quiet place to nurse, feed, nap and change diapers.
  • Layers: It may be Florida but inside the attractions can get cold. We went in January and it snowed!
  • Parades not Fireworks: Make sure you time your day so you can see the parades. Disney does a great job with these. Our daughter loved them! Skip the fireworks and put the baby to bed. The fireworks are loud, late in the evening and it is worth having a well rested baby for tomorrow.
  • Naps: Make time for your baby to nap. Whether it is in the stroller, in the Baby Center or under a tree in Dad's arms. There is no ride worth a cranky baby.
  • Fast Passes: Decide what 3-4 rides are the most important to you and get fast passes for them. This drastically reduces your wait time. A 45 minute wait can be cut down to 10 minutes and with a baby that is a BIG difference!
  • Hotel: Stay on the property. What you may save per night on the room you will loose in travel time and parking fees. All the on property resorts have buses that will take you wherever you want to go. *Be prepared that you will have to fold the stroller for the bus ride. We stayed at the Shades of Green Resort - awesome!
  • Snacks: Bring lots of snacks to entertain the baby while you are walking around, shopping or waiting in lines. Cali's favorites were Cheerios and Puffs.
  • Food: It is expensive to eat in Disney. We budgeted $50 a day for the 3 of us and it wasn't enough. Eat breakfast at your hotel to save money and bring food and snacks with you. We brought pop tarts with us.
  • Pace: Do not spend the extra money for the Park Hopper tickets. One park a day is enough when carting around young children. Expect to only have time to hit 3-5 rides per day. When you figure in naps, eating, walking, travel to the park, and waiting in line 3-5 rides is about all you can fit in.
  • Sleeping: Sleeping in hotel rooms can be difficult. Bring whatever comforts of home will help baby sleep: mobile, soother, radio, fan, blanket, etc. Also call the hotel ahead of time to get a crib put in your room. Our little one had a horrible time sleeping and ended up sleeping in the bed with me.

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