Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bed time

I wish I could say our little girl is in bed at 8pm every night, but I can't. Most nights it is anywhere from 8pm-10:30pm. It all depends on her mood, how her naps went and what it going on. We still haven't found a bed time routine that works for everyone.

Cali's favorite is to eat around 7pm, fall asleep with Nick on the recliner for an hour and a half, then get her PJ's on, nurse and in the crib around 9ish.

Tonight she didn't nap after 5pm. So after her bath around 7:45pm she was tired. I nursed her and she was out by 8:10pm! I celebrated with a glass of red wine and Nick celebrated by playing video games.

We'll see how tomorrow night goes!

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